Maddy Moon On Sexual Shame and Stepping Into Our Feminine

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This week on the podcast I am bringing you a guest episode with the lovely Maddy Moon. A few months ago, I came across one of Maddy’s podcast episodes on Sexual Shame. It soo resonated with me and felt we needed to be having more conversations like this.

So, in this episode we dig into why we think women have shame around our sexuality today, how we can begin to speak our truth/honor our intuition rather than always listening to other people's expectations of us, masculine energy vs feminine energy, how we can start supporting our fellow sisters, getting back into our bodies, allowing ourselves to experience pleasure and so much more.

A little about Maddy: Madelyn Moon is an author, podcast host, retreat leader and transformational life coach. She is a guiding force for masculine-minded women who want to stop over-thinking their lives away and live with more trust, intuition and feminine flow.

Driven by perfectionism for years, Maddy found herself always trying to do more, be more and accomplish more-- a dangerous cycle that only led to more distance between her and her dreams, self-love and intuition. Through meditation, embodiment, and the art of slowing down, she healed her heart, embraced her unique feminine essence, and learned to love her tender body; she teaches others across the world to do the same through her podcast Mind Body Musings, website and ongoing retreats.

This is an honest conversation between two women about the change we hope to continue seeing. My hope is it will spark even more conversations and we can keep building sisterhood between all women. Please go check out Maddy and her work, she is truly a beautiful soul.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

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