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Around the age of 14 I developed a toxic relationship with food and exercise. It was my way of controlling when everything else felt out of control. I associated my worthiness and my good “enoughness” on the quality and quantity of my workouts, what I did or didn't eat, and the reflection I saw in the mirror. I was motivated by fear, driven by comparison, and had a complete dissatisfaction for who I was and who I wanted to be.

In 2011, I biked across the country, coast to coast. While everyone else was slowing down and enjoying the process, I was separating myself from the group after even 80+ miles on the bike to do abs and run - just in case. I was still counting calories, eliminating food groups, and obsessing over how well my bike shorts fit.

Then, for the very first time, I saw the Rocky Mountains. The connection I felt was indescribable. I remember so clearly one day in Montana turning off my mileage and speed tracker and riding by myself, with just me the road and my thoughts.


From that moment on, I started thinking about exercise in a different way. I started understanding what it meant to FUEL my body. While it took a handful of years of trial and errors, a ton of personal development work and really getting to know myself, I ultimately realized exercise and food did not have to be based on fear, that my movement could bring me joy and my food could give me fuel. I have developed a relationship with myself that allows me to listen to what my body actually needs in the present moment and have learned to make decisions based on that and because of that I have learned what works for MY body.

Because I have learned how to redefine the relationship I have with myself, I have learned how to redefine the relationship I have with my body, with food, and with movement. I have been able to discover my inner truth and a live a life that feels authentic, resonate, and in alignment with what I actually want from my time here on this earth.

So I ask you, are you tired of the disconnect? Are you tired of these fear based decisions around exercise and food and your body? Are you ready to let go of expectations, of letting your workouts, your meals, and the outside world define your worthiness and "good enoughness" ... and instead discover your truest, most radiant self? It's your time to shine and I am here to help. It is time to come home to your body.