The guilt tripping, self hating, never ending spiraling thoughts around food, exercise, and your body.. It’s not working, right? No matter how hard you try, no matter how many diet/exercise plans you stumble upon you are always left feeling not good enough, not skinny enough, not "fill in the blank" enough...

You feel like you have tried all.of.the.things and yet you are left feeling miles away from how you want to be feeling. Miles away from the person you desire to become. You are left feeling all of these pressures from the outside world of who you should be, how you should be feeding yourself, and what your body should look like. And it’s so damn confusing, am I right? Or am I right?


Enter my new program, Move with Radiance Coaching. While this program isn’t the quick fix, the fad diet, the magic 5 day workout plan, or even a weight loss plan, it WILL help you dig deep and overhaul your relationship to food, exercise and your body. It is going to take some work and getting vulnerable and really taking a look at what you want.



Because I’ve been there. I know that voice in your head. The one that is screaming you are not good enough, the one that just won’t shut up with the expectations and the comparisons and the should haves and what ifs. The “why can’t I just look like that, the why can’t I just stay on track?” The one that shames and guilts you for missing a workout or for eating the cookies or for not doing enough. I know.

But I also know what it is like to not let that be my truth. I’ve learned what it is like to listen to my body. I’ve learned what it is like to not feel forced by my workouts, to make decisions that feel good to me in that moment. I’ve learned to end the “back on track/off track” mentality and the binge/restrict habits. I’ve learned how to deepen the relationship I have with myself and ultimately, I know now what it means to accept and feel at home in my body.



With 1:1 coaching, I will help you navigate through the negative self talk, the self destructing habits like bingeing/restricting and the back on track/off track mentality. I will help you discover movement you no longer feel forced by, how to heal your relationship to food, and ultimately how to accept and finally feel at home in your body. You will get:

  • 6 months of 1:1 coaching (24 sessions total)

  • Video calls and unlimited email support

  • 2 ADDITIONAL 30 minute sessions (to be scheduled whenever you are looking for some extra support)

  • Weekly homework activities ranging from journal prompts, meditations, and real life integration/practice of the work

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“I had always tried to approach my body/food issues from a more logical mindset. Stephanie really challenged me to get out of my head and drop down into my feelings. It was unlike any approach I'd ever tried, which made it challenging but effective!” — Olivia S.

“Stephanie has an incredible capacity for empathy and making you feel completely understood, all while helping you to better understand and show compassion for yourself. She is an incredible listener and balances this skill with being able to guide you in exploring your feelings and experiences and sharing actionable wisdom. I felt completely understood and supported by her, and I think the best word to describe it is safe. I felt safe to feel, to be honest, to explore my emotions and to be 100% myself.

She helped me to discover core beliefs that were at the root of so many thoughts, emotions and actions that were showing up in my life. One in particular absolutely blew my mind, and if you had asked me directly even a few weeks ago if I believed that about myself, I would have said absolutely not. But with Stephanie's guidance, I was able to realize how deeply I had held this belief and begin to start to unpack it and let it go.” — Genevieve M.

“Stephanie understood where I was coming from and had 100% good intentions for me. I enjoyed how she would listen and nicely guide me to a breakthrough. She asked some hard questions, but it made me re-think some of my views and dig deep into my thought patterns.” — Emily G.


And I promise that by the end of our time together, you will have the tools you need to create kind of lifestyle that feels resonate and good to you, for the long run. You will feel freer, more aligned, and ready to live the life you've always dreamed of. Are you ready to finally end the battle, the obsession with exercise, food, and your body? Because it is time to come home.