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Do you still feel guilty around food?

Do you try to practice intuitive eating/intuitive movement but still find yourself thinking about food/exercise and what you “should” be doing?

I HEARRRR YOU. And you know what? It is okay. You’re not crazy or wrong or bad. For  years after realizing I wanted a different relationship with food, I still didn’t trust myself fully. And while I knew what intuitive eating was and how to do it, there was still a part of me that felt fearful around food.. Around not exercising the way I “should.” And I know I am not alone in that.

So I wanted to share a go to process that has helped me improve my relationship to food, exercise, and my body.

Enter your free workbook.

The questions in this workbook will help you uncover your fears and beliefs behind food, exercise, and your body and more importantly how to start creating the reality you want around these things.

It requires you to get honest and dig deep but I promise you will start to have a better understanding of why food still holds the power and how to start releasing it.

Are you ready to start feeling freedom around food, exercise, and your body? Get started below.