Kimberly Weiss on Diet Culture

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In this episode, I sit down with Kimberly Weiss to talk all things diet culture. We dig into what “diet culture” means, her experience working at Weight Watchers (this one dropped my jaw folks), and why it is important to stop labeling food as “good” vs “bad.” Kim mentions how the diet and fitness industries tell us that “we don’t deserve to live in the bodies we live in…” we hope having more conversations like ours will start to change that mindset.

A little about Kim: Kim is a teacher, speaker and coach on a mission to dismantle diet culture. She works with smart women that are into body positivity but still struggle with food + body and want to stop giving their power away. She can be found at, Instagram @KimberlyWeiss  and on her podcast F Your Diet. She also runs a satire instagram account @lifestylechangebarbie for those that like a few laughs.

This is a good one, friends.

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