Jessica Rothley on PCOS, Hormones, and Diet Culture

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This week on the podcast I am bringing you another guest episode! I am so excited Jess Rothley (@whollyhealed) wanted to sit down with me for a second time to talk about all things Hormones, PCOS, and diet culture.

In this episode we dig into PCOS (and the two different types), Estrogen Set Point (how each body has a different one and why it relates to how we are fueling ourselves), lowering stress (and how your body might not see exercise as a stress relief in the same way you do), why we should stop shaming our cravings (and why they are important), symptoms of underfueling yourself, what qualifies as a diet, how losing weight and restricting calories can actually harm our health, and more.

A little about Jess: Jess is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach who specializes in Functional Endocrinology. She is passionate about empowering women in their health journeys in a way that is size inclusive and diet culture exclusive. You can catch her discussing the taboo topics of women's health, body image, and society in her signature series #WHTabooTuesday on Instagram or posting pictures of her dog Kevin.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as i did!

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