Placing Our Worth In Our End Results

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This week on the podcast I am bringing you another solo episode. This weeks topic was inspired by our She Craves Truth Free live call on Tuesday night.. All about the why behind wanting to lose weight.

Understanding the why behind our goals and dreams in this life can give us insight into where we are placing our happiness and what kinds of beliefs we have about ourselves. If we are always saying “I will be happy when…” or “ I will be worthy and enough when…” we are always going to be on the chase.

In this episode, I help you break down the why behind your goals and how to identify if you’re being driven by a negative, non serving belief. But most importantly I explain how to start shifting all of it so that you can feel happy now AND get to where you want to be in life (and that might look like shifting some goals/deep seeded beliefs around).

Let me know if any questions and I hope you enjoy this episode!

Resources from the episode: