Celina Rosso and Jill Dreisilker on What Does It Mean To Have Body Acceptance

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In this episode, we break down what body acceptance actually is and what it looks like to start accepting your body. We sift through the mixed messages out the about self love and what it means to love your body.. How you don’t actually HAVE to love your body to have self acceptance. We also explain how to have more compassion with yourself throughout this journey, why we created She Craves Truth, and how you are so not alone on this journey.

A little about Celina, Jill, and She Craves Truth: Celina is an Emotional Eating Coach who helps women ditch their struggle with dieting & binge eating so they have the confidence to go for what they want. Jill is a Food & Body Confidence Coach who helps women end their struggle with food and learn to feel confident and free in their body! She Craves Truth is a free Facebook community for women supporting women who are ready to dive into all things food, body & the shit no one talks about. We’re here to answer questions you’ve been hesitant to ask in order to get the results in life you’ve always desired. We’re here to empower women by providing the tools and framework to change their own lives.

Every Tuesday 8pm EST, the 3 of us will be hosting free live group chats every week where we’ll have an open conversation about the biggest struggles with food, body and real life problems and how to actually resolve them.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

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