Part 1 On How to Stop Feeling Guilty Around Food

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This week on the podcast I am bringing you a solo episode. I wanted to use this space to break down a workbook I recently created about ending our guilt around food.

The binge restrict mentality was my cycle for years and it was the secret I kept from the rest of the world. Everyone thought I was “the healthy one..” so that is the identity I chose to live out day after day. I always felt like a fraud. I felt trapped in a body I didn’t know or want. I so desperately wanted to feel free, to escape from the constant guilt. The constant chatter of you’re not doing enough. And I know I am not alone in this.

So, in todays episode, I go through the layers to help understand where the guilt is coming from and ultimately how to start moving forward from a place of love instead. The content goes hand in hand with a workbook I recently created (you can get that link on my website or in the show notes) I encourage you to follow along.

PLEASE let me know if you have thoughts, feedback, questions, and if you are following along. I hope you enjoy this episode.

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