Naomi on Binge Eating and Dropping out of Diet Culture

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This week on the podcast I am bringing you my FIRST guest episode of season 2.. an amazing interview/conversation with Naomi (@dietculturesucks).

On this episode we dig into how Naomi got to a place of body acceptance and out of the diet culture mentality. Why she doesn’t think we need to love our bodies all of the time to recover. How much time/brainspace diet culture steals from us. Self care and how we can expand the definition. How binge eating/emotional eating is demonized in diet culture and how we can start removing the shame around eating. How to be curious about our behaviors, thoughts, and feelings rather than judging them. Thin privilege, fat phobia and so much more.

A little about Naomi: Naomi is a former marathoner and diet culture dropout who chronicles her experiences with eating disorders, exercise addiction, dieting, and binge eating on her insta blog @dietculturesucks. She is passionate about body positivity and Health At Every Size. She writes to share the things she wishes she learned as a young girl struggling to recover in a culture that validates disordered behaviors as normal aspects of being a woman.

I hope you enjoy this episode!!

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