A Solo Episode on Recognizing and Changing Our Core Beliefs

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This week on the podcast I am bringing you a solo episode to discuss something that has been on my heart lately, core beliefs.

So often, we put all of our effort and focus on changing our behaviors to achieve a desired result: we switch up our workout routines or our diets or incorporate a ridgid morning routine all with a specific outcome in mind, a specific feeling we want to achieve. But how many of us find ourselves in the same position time after time asking why we haven’t moved forward or why we have taken steps back.

What many of us don’t know is that we all carry around these deep rooted beliefs about ourselves, and whether we realize it or not they are dictating every single action we take in this life. They are either holding us back or propelling us closer to the highest versions of ourselves. Until we do the deep internal work and open our eyes to those beliefs, we will never fully change our actions and therefore our results in this life.

In this episode I dig into all of that, how to recognize your core beliefs and how to start changing the ones that do not align with who you are/who you want to be. Because once we shift the beliefs that hold us back the actions and therefore the results we desire will follow.

I so hope you enjoy this episode

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