Anne-Marie on Rebuilding our Foundation

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This week on the podcast I am bringing you an interview with my dear friend and yoga instructor Anne-Marie.

In this episode we hit on allllll of the things: belief systems, self care, boundaries for ourselves, leaning into emotion, being gentle with ourselves throughout our healing processes, looking at ourselves from a place of acceptance not judgement, play and so much more. Anne-Marie is a christian and we discuss how her faith has contributed to her personal growth, but I truly believe that whatever your spiritual beliefs are you can relate to her story and connection.

A little about Anne-Marie: Anne-Marie lives in Park City, Utah and is the proud mother of three children.  She has practiced yoga for over twenty five years and has been teaching for ten.  She has always been interested in emotional evolution and spiritual growth. Through years of self-exploration, Anne-Marie has developed a teaching style that compliments her students’ efforts for greater fitness and inner awareness.  As a visual artist she is known for both intricate detail and bold expression. Her work is in numerous private collections across the U.S. She is a staunch believer in the value of art education and has contributed years of instruction and curricular enhancement to private and public school environments.  Anne-Marie has found her stride as a coach who works closely with clients seeking wellness through meditation, yoga, creative expression and a thoughtful approach to nourishment through the art of eating well.

I hope you enjoy this episode!!

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