Nicole DeBoom on Sobriety

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This week on the podcast I am bringing you an amazing interview/conversation with Nicole DeBoom. Last week I released an episode about my recent journey in sobriety which was sparked by this honest and very candid conversation with Nicole.  

We get curious.. About our identities through drinking, why we drank, what we were searching for through drinking, and how we decided it was time to give it up altogether. We talk about coping mechanisms, suppressing emotions, redefining who you want to be, and in Nicole's words:

“Accepting who you are, accepting the shit you did, (good bad or ugly) with whatever emotions are tied to it, accepting it and realizing that *you are not alone.* So no matter what you did in the past that you may feel ashamed about, embarrassed about, sad about, proud of, whatever, someone else out there is sharing those same feelings and has trumped you. We are not alone, you have not done the worst thing in the world or the best thing in the world, we are here together.”

A little about Nicole: Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, Nicole was a standout swimmer, qualifying for the 1988 Olympic Trials and later graduating from Yale University. She decided to pursue the sport of triathlon and started racing professionally in 1999, racking up countless podium finishes. During the final stage of her racing career in 2004, Nicole created and introduced something that had never been done before – the first running skirt. Shortly afterward, Nicole went on to launch Skirt Sports with the mission of helping women find inspiration, confidence and courage through the transformative power of running and fitness. Today, Skirt Sports is a national women’s apparel brand offering a full line of products that fit real women’s bodies and support their busy running lives. Currently, you can find Nicole chatting with customers at the Skirt Sports Boulder flagship store, helping women change their lives through her non-profit organization Running Start, interviewing visionaries for her popular podcast Run This World and chasing around her 6-year-old girl, Wilder.

This episode is just two people sharing our lives, our struggles, our vulnerabilities, our learnings. And it goes to show that connection stems from humanness. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  

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