Kersten Kimura on Hypothalamic Amenorrhea and Over Exercising

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This week I sat down with Kersten Kimura to discuss Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (aka losing your period), over exercising, and how the two are related.

We dig into symptoms of overtraining, why sleep and recovery is more important than squeezing in your workout, and why getting your period (even if you are not trying to get pregnant) is crucial for our health as women. This episode is full of information and I loved getting to know this lovely lady.

A little about Kersten: Kersten Kimura is a personal trainer and group fitness trainer based in Richmond, California. She has always been into health and fitness, so much so that she ended up overtraining herself which lead to a serious hormonal imbalance. She lost her period (called hypothalamic amenorrhea) for 10 years, became insomniac, was chronically fatigued, suffered from constipation and never ending brain fog.

She is now recovered from all these symptoms, and is helping women to recover from the same overtraining and undereating symptoms as well. Body acceptance is a huge part of her work, because without that, recovering from hypothalamic amenorrhea is nearly impossible.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

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