Cara Cifelli on Body Wisdom and Becoming Your Own Health Expert

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This week I sat down with Cara Cifelli to discuss ALL OF THE THINGS. This conversation lit me up you guys.

Along with digging into her new book “Body Wisdom,” we discuss what it means to become your own health expert, listening to your body, and how to apply an individualized filter to information we are consuming. We also talk about how weight loss doesn’t directly relate to health, cravings and what they mean, sugar addiction, comparison and so much more. If you at all struggle with how to be the decider of your own life and wanting to learn more about listening to your body rather than what everyone else is telling you then this is definitely a must listen.

A little about Cara: Cara Carin Cifelli, known as Caras Kitchen on Instagram, is a passion filled food lover and believes that what we eat affects who we are and how we show up in this world. Before realizing this, she spent most of her life chasing the body, career and life she thought she was supposed to chase to be fulfilled and admired. Now as a heart-centered entrepreneur and holistic health coach, Cara is truly doing her souls work, helping others heal their relationship with food and connect them more deeply to their body so they can discover what really matters to them in their lives. She's been featured in Mind Body Green, Recovery Warriors, Elephant Journal and The Feed Feed and is the author of the book Body Wisdom - a guide to rediscovering your relationship with food, trusting your intuition and becoming your own health expert.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

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