A Solo Episode on Rock Bottoms and Going After Your Dreams

move with radiance (16).png

This week I am going solo. I wanted to dig a little deeper into my experience last summer, when I was laid off from my job and why preparing for/stressing about the worst case scenario doesn’t actually prepare you for the worst case scenario. I dig into my isolating, numbing, and the mental break down that symbolized my rock bottom.

But more importantly I talk about how the “right time” to go after your dreams never actually shows up, how you don’t have to wait for your own rock bottom to start living the life you want (a lesson from my summer..) and also how you can pick up the pieces after a crazy life event. I also talk about the importance of trusting yourself to make big scary choices AND how investing in yourself is so crucial in living your most authentic life. That by taking care of ourselves we can fully show up for others in our life.

I hope you enjoy this episode!

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