Lauren Newman on Eating Intuitively with a Chronic Illness, Food Allergy, or Serious Health Condition

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A few weeks ago, one of Lauren’s posts popped up in my newsfeed. It was all about how eating intuitively is a privilege for some people and for those with chronic illnesses, food allergies, or health conditions (like celiac for example) can sometimes feel disconnected with that message. I wanted to sit down with Lauren to break this down a bit because, to be honest, I never thought of it that way (as it isn’t part of my own story) and think it is an important conversation to be had.

We not only dig into how those who have celiac or diabetes (just to name a few) can have a healthy relationship with food but also what her work as a dietetic intern looks like in the Health At Every Size movement. How we cannot determine a person's health JUST by looking at their size and how those with a “normal” weight/bmi can also have illnesses that are typically associated with being “overweight.”  

Talk about some juicy topics.

A little about Lauren: Lauren Newman is a dietetic intern, occasional blogger, and ice cream enthusiast who is passionate about helping those with chronic illnesses (specifically type 1 diabetes) improve their relationship with food & their body. She can be found at or on instagram @gofeedyourself_ where she shares thoughts on intuitive eating, health at every size, life as a dietetic intern, and lots of ice cream!

I so hope you enjoy this episode!!

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