Jen Hudak on Understanding Our Why

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This week I am bringing you another interview episode! I sat down with my so inspiring friend Jen Hudak and we talk about alll offf thee thingsss. More specifically we dig into our “why,” and how that question is so important for differentiating between something we are forcing ourselves to do vs something we actually want to do (along with the importance of letting go of expectations). We also talk about our inner critic and that while she has lead us to great successes we can also use different and nicer tools to bring us to where we want to be (causeeeee she can be pretty mean). We discuss what it means to have a purpose (and that it doesn’t have to be some grandiose thing), how to redefine different words we use in our day to day life and so,so much more.

A little about Jen: Jen Hudak is a 2-time X-Games gold medalist and 2-time world champion halfpipe skier. In late 2015 she announced her retirement from the sport after a series of injuries and her father's death led her to reevaluate her life's priorities. Jen landed herself a desk job 6-months later and prepared to earn a living in a more traditional way, but it never felt right. Over the next three years, she would do a lot of soul searching, reflecting, and persisting. In late 2017, Jen unexpectedly had another dream realized - a chance to compete on the Amazing Race. It was this adventure that reconnected her to her purpose of inspiring others to follow their hearts, push past self-limiting beliefs and live an extraordinary life. Jen & her teammate went on to earn the highest average finish of any female team in the show's history. They also became the only team, male, female or co-ed, to never finish below 3rd place from start to finish in all 30 seasons. Jen left the race feeling reenergized and motivated to launch her personal development & wellness coaching business, Balanced Pursuits, where she helps multi-passionate women get clear on their second act, identify blocks that are keeping them stuck, and teaches women to look fear in the face and take action despite of it.

I so loved this conversation and hope you do as well!!

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