Sarah Caldwell on Relationships

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This week I am bringing you an interview with my friend Sarah. In this episode we talk all things relationships, from knowing oneself before dating, healthy boundaries (along with what boundaries are and steps on how to set one), open and safe communication, and healthy conflict (Because all relationships have conflict, so how can we deal with it in a healthy manner).

A little about Sarah: Sarah Caldwell is a mental health therapist specializing in sex & intimacy, healthy relationships and maternal mental health. She earned her Master in Social Work degree from the University of Utah in 2016 and is a full time therapist at The Healing Group. Sarah has extensive experience and training in helping individuals and couples overcome unhealthy relationship patterns and dynamics. She is especially interested in empowering individuals with trauma histories to heal from their past and create a future that ignites their soul. She believes change comes from the inside, out, and supports all her clients on their journey to lives lived fully.

I so loved this conversation and hope you do as well!!

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