What Does It Mean To Be Authentic Solo Episode

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What does it mean to be authentic? I hear this word SO much nowadays .. But what does it actually mean and why is it so hard to live out our authenticity?

In this weeks solo episode, I wanted to break down this word “authentic” and what it means to truly live out that word. Because if you can discover how to live YOUR authentic life, defined by YOU.. you will be able to live a life that feels so in alignment with your soul. One that you know in your gut that you were supposed to live.

I also discuss why I think it is so hard to live authentically in today's world. We have so many external pressures of what we “should” be doing that it gets SO easy to lose sight of what it is that makes us excited to be alive and further away from living out our truth.

Most importantly though, what do we do about it? How can we navigate these external pressures to discover our individuality (our authenticity) and how can we start living a life that feels in alignment with our souls? I dig into this as well ;)

Because this world today NEEDS your truth. We NEED your words and your thoughts and your actions and your dreams. This world desperately needs it. Be you. Embrace you.

Resources from this episode: