Tara Calihman on Fear

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This week's episode is an extremely candid conversation with one of my friends and previous coworkers Tara Calihman.. And while Tara is freaken hilarious, we do get serious about this little thing called fear. Tara shares how she managed major fears when deciding to up and move to Ireland a few years ago, with no job, no apartment, and a lot of unknowns. She digs into how meditation has helped her navigate between gut knowings and fear and how she has used this tool to take action in her life. We also discuss how people aren’t fearless and how those who seem to be are still afraid, they have just learned to trust themselves over time. Fear doesn’t have to control your life and we agree that it can lead to some pretty amazing things.

A little about Tara: Tara Calihman is a humor writer, stand-up comedian and movement aficionado. She moved to Ireland last year with her family, in search of a new adventure. When not reading a book or apologising for America's voting preferences, she can be found on roller skates, on her bike or on the trail.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

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