Kiyomi Fae On Anxiety, Social Media, & Going Inward

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So excited to bring you my interview with my dear friend Kiyomi Fae. Kiyomi is a life coach, social worker, yoga therapist and instructor. Once an anxious individual, Kiyomi struggled with obsessive compulsive tendencies such as relationship obsessive compulsive disorder (ROCD), hypochondria (health anxiety) and panic disorder. She personally understands the suffering and debilitating nature of anxiety. Through years of spiritual, and emotional work inner work mixed with intensive education in eastern philosophies, psychology and healing modalities, Kiyomi now dedicates her life to helping others in the journey of anxiety. Kiyomi has had the privilege of teaching seminars and workshops in Fortune 500 Companies, schools and behavioral health hospitals. Today, Kiyomi owns an online business for individuals struggling with ROCD where she coaches, educates and runs courses on coping with ROCD and anxious tendencies.

In this episode we talk about all things anxiety, triggers around what we see in the media, how to start developing a relationship with ourselves, and how to use the tools we have within us to calm our anxious thoughts. I so, so enjoyed this conversation and I hope you all do as well.

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