Jess Demasi On Best and Worst Types of Exercise for Women

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FRIENDS. THIS EPISODE IS THE BOMB. So excited to bring you my interview with Jess Demasi. Jess is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach Specializing in Functional Endocrinology and Mind/Body Nutrition. She empowers women in their quest to wholeness through healing solutions rooted in Integrative Care. You'll often find her lifting heavy things in the gym, trying to pet stranger's dogs, or writing some sass-filled #hormonehacks on Instagram. She is passionate about helping women heal their hormones, break free of restrictive dieting, and feeling at home in their bodies.

In this episode we dig into all.of.the.stuff. Everything from the best exercises for women (which includes yoga, WALKING, resistance training, and HITT) as well as the worst exercises for women (which includes chronic cardio .. holy mind blown right?!) and the biological impacts these specific exercises have on your body.

We also dig into what it means to be connected to YOUR body, letting go of all of the worth we put into being a specific size, and finding movement that works for YOUR body on a day to day basis.

Get ready for a conversation that is unlike the norm when it comes to exercise and diet culture… it’s good, good stuff ;)

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