Hannah Meier on Why Diets Don't Work

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“I don’t think anything that is inhibiting your full experience of life can be ‘healthy’”

This week I sat down with Hannah Meier to discuss her profession as an anti-diet dietitian and her statement “there’s a lot of noise out there telling you what to eat (and more loudly, what NOT to eat), without really taking the time to understand who YOU are. Nutrition is personal and restrictive diets are not.”

We go into what diets actually do to your body metabolically (and ultimately why they don’t work) intuitive eating and what it means to get to the root of the cause of our eating behaviors, why we wouldn’t ignore other natural cues from our body (like going to the bathroom) so why do we ignore our hunger cues, what “health” means and so, so much more.

This is a good episode. Plain and simple.

A little about Hannah: Hannah is a registered dietitian living in Boston, MA where she works for the health food start-up 88 Acres by day, and runs a private nutrition counseling practice, Nutrition in Real Life, by "night" (and weekends). She is passionate about demystifying nutrition and breaking down B.S. diet rules, helping everyone find joy in food again and peace with their bodies.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

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