Episode 23: Anne-Marie on Rebuilding our Foundation

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This week on the podcast I am bringing you an interview with my dear friend and yoga instructor Anne-Marie.

In this episode we hit on allllll of the things: belief systems, self care, boundaries for ourselves, leaning into emotion, being gentle with ourselves throughout our healing processes, looking at ourselves from a place of acceptance not judgement, play and so much more. Anne-Marie is a christian and we discuss how her faith has contributed to her personal growth, but I truly believe that whatever your spiritual beliefs are you can relate to her story and connection.

A little about Anne-Marie: Anne-Marie lives in Park City, Utah and is the proud mother of three children.  She has practiced yoga for over twenty five years and has been teaching for ten.  She has always been interested in emotional evolution and spiritual growth. Through years of self-exploration, Anne-Marie has developed a teaching style that compliments her students’ efforts for greater fitness and inner awareness.  As a visual artist she is known for both intricate detail and bold expression. Her work is in numerous private collections across the U.S. She is a staunch believer in the value of art education and has contributed years of instruction and curricular enhancement to private and public school environments.  Anne-Marie has found her stride as a coach who works closely with clients seeking wellness through meditation, yoga, creative expression and a thoughtful approach to nourishment through the art of eating well.

I hope you enjoy this episode!!

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Episode 22: Nicole DeBoom on Sobriety

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This week on the podcast I am bringing you an amazing interview/conversation with Nicole DeBoom. Last week I released an episode about my recent journey in sobriety which was sparked by this honest and very candid conversation with Nicole.  

We get curious.. About our identities through drinking, why we drank, what we were searching for through drinking, and how we decided it was time to give it up altogether. We talk about coping mechanisms, suppressing emotions, redefining who you want to be, and in Nicole's words:

“Accepting who you are, accepting the shit you did, (good bad or ugly) with whatever emotions are tied to it, accepting it and realizing that *you are not alone.* So no matter what you did in the past that you may feel ashamed about, embarrassed about, sad about, proud of, whatever, someone else out there is sharing those same feelings and has trumped you. We are not alone, you have not done the worst thing in the world or the best thing in the world, we are here together.”

A little about Nicole: Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, Nicole was a standout swimmer, qualifying for the 1988 Olympic Trials and later graduating from Yale University. She decided to pursue the sport of triathlon and started racing professionally in 1999, racking up countless podium finishes. During the final stage of her racing career in 2004, Nicole created and introduced something that had never been done before – the first running skirt. Shortly afterward, Nicole went on to launch Skirt Sports with the mission of helping women find inspiration, confidence and courage through the transformative power of running and fitness. Today, Skirt Sports is a national women’s apparel brand offering a full line of products that fit real women’s bodies and support their busy running lives. Currently, you can find Nicole chatting with customers at the Skirt Sports Boulder flagship store, helping women change their lives through her non-profit organization Running Start, interviewing visionaries for her popular podcast Run This World and chasing around her 6-year-old girl, Wilder.

This episode is just two people sharing our lives, our struggles, our vulnerabilities, our learnings. And it goes to show that connection stems from humanness. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  

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Episode 21: On Sobriety and Feeling Our Emotions

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This week on the podcast I am bringing you a very vulnerable, difficult to talk about solo episode.

I wanted to take the time to talk about a few things 1) dig into numbing mechanisms and what it means to not feel our emotions 2) my own story with drinking.

This is something I haven’t publicly shared on the podcast or to my audience in general and with an episode about sobriety coming out next week I wanted to share my story.

Like I have said before, our relationship to food, exercise and our bodies really have nothing to do with those things and everything to do with root causes we are covering up. So I wanted to talk about the importance of going inward, feeling our emotions, and taking responsibility for meeting our needs. That until we stop seeking externally for the things we need to meet internally, we will never find what we are looking for.

While this episode was difficult to share, I wanted to express that we are not alone in our struggles and that we cannot shame and hate our way into recovery. Until we are able to look at our past and present selves with love and acceptance we cannot move forward into healing and growth.

Keep going and I hope you enjoy this episode.

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Episode 20: Kersten Kimura on Hypothalamic Amenorrhea and Over Exercising

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This week I sat down with Kersten Kimura to discuss Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (aka losing your period), over exercising, and how the two are related.

We dig into symptoms of overtraining, why sleep and recovery is more important than squeezing in your workout, and why getting your period (even if you are not trying to get pregnant) is crucial for our health as women. This episode is full of information and I loved getting to know this lovely lady.

A little about Kersten: Kersten Kimura is a personal trainer and group fitness trainer based in Richmond, California. She has always been into health and fitness, so much so that she ended up overtraining herself which lead to a serious hormonal imbalance. She lost her period (called hypothalamic amenorrhea) for 10 years, became insomniac, was chronically fatigued, suffered from constipation and never ending brain fog.

She is now recovered from all these symptoms, and is helping women to recover from the same overtraining and undereating symptoms as well. Body acceptance is a huge part of her work, because without that, recovering from hypothalamic amenorrhea is nearly impossible.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

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Episode 19: Cara Cifelli on Body Wisdom and Becoming Your Own Health Expert

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This week I sat down with Cara Cifelli to discuss ALL OF THE THINGS. This conversation lit me up you guys.

Along with digging into her new book “Body Wisdom,” we discuss what it means to become your own health expert, listening to your body, and how to apply an individualized filter to information we are consuming. We also talk about how weight loss doesn’t directly relate to health, cravings and what they mean, sugar addiction, comparison and so much more. If you at all struggle with how to be the decider of your own life and wanting to learn more about listening to your body rather than what everyone else is telling you then this is definitely a must listen.

A little about Cara: Cara Carin Cifelli, known as Caras Kitchen on Instagram, is a passion filled food lover and believes that what we eat affects who we are and how we show up in this world. Before realizing this, she spent most of her life chasing the body, career and life she thought she was supposed to chase to be fulfilled and admired. Now as a heart-centered entrepreneur and holistic health coach, Cara is truly doing her souls work, helping others heal their relationship with food and connect them more deeply to their body so they can discover what really matters to them in their lives. She's been featured in Mind Body Green, Recovery Warriors, Elephant Journal and The Feed Feed and is the author of the book Body Wisdom - a guide to rediscovering your relationship with food, trusting your intuition and becoming your own health expert.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

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Episode 18: A Solo Episode on Rock Bottoms and Going After Your Dreams

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This week I am going solo. I wanted to dig a little deeper into my experience last summer, when I was laid off from my job and why preparing for/stressing about the worst case scenario doesn’t actually prepare you for the worst case scenario. I dig into my isolating, numbing, and the mental break down that symbolized my rock bottom.

But more importantly I talk about how the “right time” to go after your dreams never actually shows up, how you don’t have to wait for your own rock bottom to start living the life you want (a lesson from my summer..) and also how you can pick up the pieces after a crazy life event. I also talk about the importance of trusting yourself to make big scary choices AND how investing in yourself is so crucial in living your most authentic life. That by taking care of ourselves we can fully show up for others in our life.

I hope you enjoy this episode!

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Episode 17: Hannah Meier on Why Diets Don't Work

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“I don’t think anything that is inhibiting your full experience of life can be ‘healthy’”

This week I sat down with Hannah Meier to discuss her profession as an anti-diet dietitian and her statement “there’s a lot of noise out there telling you what to eat (and more loudly, what NOT to eat), without really taking the time to understand who YOU are. Nutrition is personal and restrictive diets are not.”

We go into what diets actually do to your body metabolically (and ultimately why they don’t work) intuitive eating and what it means to get to the root of the cause of our eating behaviors, why we wouldn’t ignore other natural cues from our body (like going to the bathroom) so why do we ignore our hunger cues, what “health” means and so, so much more.

This is a good episode. Plain and simple.

A little about Hannah: Hannah is a registered dietitian living in Boston, MA where she works for the health food start-up 88 Acres by day, and runs a private nutrition counseling practice, Nutrition in Real Life, by "night" (and weekends). She is passionate about demystifying nutrition and breaking down B.S. diet rules, helping everyone find joy in food again and peace with their bodies.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

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Episode 16: Lauren Newman on Eating Intuitively with a Chronic Illness, Food Allergy, or Serious Health Condition

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A few weeks ago, one of Lauren’s posts popped up in my newsfeed. It was all about how eating intuitively is a privilege for some people and for those with chronic illnesses, food allergies, or health conditions (like celiac for example) can sometimes feel disconnected with that message. I wanted to sit down with Lauren to break this down a bit because, to be honest, I never thought of it that way (as it isn’t part of my own story) and think it is an important conversation to be had.

We not only dig into how those who have celiac or diabetes (just to name a few) can have a healthy relationship with food but also what her work as a dietetic intern looks like in the Health At Every Size movement. How we cannot determine a person's health JUST by looking at their size and how those with a “normal” weight/bmi can also have illnesses that are typically associated with being “overweight.”  

Talk about some juicy topics.

A little about Lauren: Lauren Newman is a dietetic intern, occasional blogger, and ice cream enthusiast who is passionate about helping those with chronic illnesses (specifically type 1 diabetes) improve their relationship with food & their body. She can be found at LaurenNewmanRD2Be.com or on instagram @gofeedyourself_ where she shares thoughts on intuitive eating, health at every size, life as a dietetic intern, and lots of ice cream!

I so hope you enjoy this episode!!

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Episode 15: Austen on Moving and Eating Intuitively

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This week I am bringing you another interview episode!

If you are someone that has been interested in intuitive movement/eating, someone that struggles with the on track/off track mentality around exercise/food, or someone that is over this whole hating your diet/exercise stuff.. THIS IS FOR YOU.

I sat down with the lovely Austen (who is seriously my soul sister) to talk about what it means to move and eat intuitively. We dig into all.of.the.things around how to listen to your body, why having “willpower” over food and exercise ultimately doesn’t work (not to mention it leaves you feeling like the life has been sucked out of you), how to choose food and movement that brings you joy, and so much more. It is a must listen if you have ever struggled with your relationship to food, your body, and exercise. It is a beautiful, raw conversation about how to trust yourself again and I am obsessed.

A little about Austen: Austen is an actor by trade, and an intuitive eater and mover by passion. She runs the Instagram blog, The Intuition Gym & Kitchen (@theintuitiongk), talking about everything from body image, body acceptance, and body love to conjuring and emboldening your body's natural cravings to eat & move in the way only it knows it needs.

UGH this episode is SO good, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Episode 14: Jen Hudak on Understanding Our Why

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This week I am bringing you another interview episode! I sat down with my so inspiring friend Jen Hudak and we talk about alll offf thee thingsss. More specifically we dig into our “why,” and how that question is so important for differentiating between something we are forcing ourselves to do vs something we actually want to do (along with the importance of letting go of expectations). We also talk about our inner critic and that while she has lead us to great successes we can also use different and nicer tools to bring us to where we want to be (causeeeee she can be pretty mean). We discuss what it means to have a purpose (and that it doesn’t have to be some grandiose thing), how to redefine different words we use in our day to day life and so,so much more.

A little about Jen: Jen Hudak is a 2-time X-Games gold medalist and 2-time world champion halfpipe skier. In late 2015 she announced her retirement from the sport after a series of injuries and her father's death led her to reevaluate her life's priorities. Jen landed herself a desk job 6-months later and prepared to earn a living in a more traditional way, but it never felt right. Over the next three years, she would do a lot of soul searching, reflecting, and persisting. In late 2017, Jen unexpectedly had another dream realized - a chance to compete on the Amazing Race. It was this adventure that reconnected her to her purpose of inspiring others to follow their hearts, push past self-limiting beliefs and live an extraordinary life. Jen & her teammate went on to earn the highest average finish of any female team in the show's history. They also became the only team, male, female or co-ed, to never finish below 3rd place from start to finish in all 30 seasons. Jen left the race feeling reenergized and motivated to launch her personal development & wellness coaching business, Balanced Pursuits, where she helps multi-passionate women get clear on their second act, identify blocks that are keeping them stuck, and teaches women to look fear in the face and take action despite of it.

I so loved this conversation and hope you do as well!!

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Episode 13: Sarah Caldwell on Relationships

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This week I am bringing you an interview with my friend Sarah. In this episode we talk all things relationships, from knowing oneself before dating, healthy boundaries (along with what boundaries are and steps on how to set one), open and safe communication, and healthy conflict (Because all relationships have conflict, so how can we deal with it in a healthy manner).

A little about Sarah: Sarah Caldwell is a mental health therapist specializing in sex & intimacy, healthy relationships and maternal mental health. She earned her Master in Social Work degree from the University of Utah in 2016 and is a full time therapist at The Healing Group. Sarah has extensive experience and training in helping individuals and couples overcome unhealthy relationship patterns and dynamics. She is especially interested in empowering individuals with trauma histories to heal from their past and create a future that ignites their soul. She believes change comes from the inside, out, and supports all her clients on their journey to lives lived fully.

I so loved this conversation and hope you do as well!!

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Episode 12: What Does It Mean To Be Authentic Solo Episode

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What does it mean to be authentic? I hear this word SO much nowadays .. But what does it actually mean and why is it so hard to live out our authenticity?

In this weeks solo episode, I wanted to break down this word “authentic” and what it means to truly live out that word. Because if you can discover how to live YOUR authentic life, defined by YOU.. you will be able to live a life that feels so in alignment with your soul. One that you know in your gut that you were supposed to live.

I also discuss why I think it is so hard to live authentically in today's world. We have so many external pressures of what we “should” be doing that it gets SO easy to lose sight of what it is that makes us excited to be alive and further away from living out our truth.

Most importantly though, what do we do about it? How can we navigate these external pressures to discover our individuality (our authenticity) and how can we start living a life that feels in alignment with our souls? I dig into this as well ;)

Because this world today NEEDS your truth. We NEED your words and your thoughts and your actions and your dreams. This world desperately needs it. Be you. Embrace you.

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Episode 11 : Tara Calihman on Fear

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This week's episode is an extremely candid conversation with one of my friends and previous coworkers Tara Calihman.. And while Tara is freaken hilarious, we do get serious about this little thing called fear. Tara shares how she managed major fears when deciding to up and move to Ireland a few years ago, with no job, no apartment, and a lot of unknowns. She digs into how meditation has helped her navigate between gut knowings and fear and how she has used this tool to take action in her life. We also discuss how people aren’t fearless and how those who seem to be are still afraid, they have just learned to trust themselves over time. Fear doesn’t have to control your life and we agree that it can lead to some pretty amazing things.

A little about Tara: Tara Calihman is a humor writer, stand-up comedian and movement aficionado. She moved to Ireland last year with her family, in search of a new adventure. When not reading a book or apologising for America's voting preferences, she can be found on roller skates, on her bike or on the trail.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

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Episode 10: Kimberly Weiss on Diet Culture

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In this episode, I sit down with Kimberly Weiss to talk all things diet culture. We dig into what “diet culture” means, her experience working at Weight Watchers (this one dropped my jaw folks), and why it is important to stop labeling food as “good” vs “bad.” Kim mentions how the diet and fitness industries tell us that “we don’t deserve to live in the bodies we live in…” we hope having more conversations like ours will start to change that mindset.

A little about Kim: Kim is a teacher, speaker and coach on a mission to dismantle diet culture. She works with smart women that are into body positivity but still struggle with food + body and want to stop giving their power away. She can be found at KimberlyWeiss.com, Instagram @KimberlyWeiss  and on her podcast F Your Diet. She also runs a satire instagram account @lifestylechangebarbie for those that like a few laughs.

This is a good one, friends.

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Episode 9: Brittney Motzkus on Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

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This week I am bringing you another interview!

In this episode, personal trainer & body confidence advocate, Brittney Motzkus, digs into her recovery with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea. We talk about everything from shifting our mindset around what “healthy” means in today's world, how to remove our worth from our pant size, and what it looks like to be in recovery from HA.

LADIES, if you have ever struggled with over exercising, your relationship to food, body image, or either have or suspect you may have HA... THIS IS A GOOD ONE.

A little about Britt: Brittney is a Personal Trainer, group fitness coach, blog writer, and a body confidence & self love advocate. She has spent the last 6 months recovering from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea which has required changes physically, mentally, and emotionally. This process has lit a fire of passion in her for spreading knowledge and awareness about HA, promoting what "healthy" truly means, and changing the stigma around different body types in the fitness culture. Britt is a big believer that healthy looks different on everyone, and also changes through different stages of our lives. When she's not training or writing blog posts, Britt loves to be outdoors hiking, surfing, biking, skiing, playing tennis, and walking on the beach. She also loves traveling and cooking.

I so, so enjoyed this conversation and I hope you all do as well.

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Episode 8: Kiyomi Fae On Anxiety, Social Media, & Going Inward

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So excited to bring you my interview with my dear friend Kiyomi Fae. Kiyomi is a life coach, social worker, yoga therapist and instructor. Once an anxious individual, Kiyomi struggled with obsessive compulsive tendencies such as relationship obsessive compulsive disorder (ROCD), hypochondria (health anxiety) and panic disorder. She personally understands the suffering and debilitating nature of anxiety. Through years of spiritual, and emotional work inner work mixed with intensive education in eastern philosophies, psychology and healing modalities, Kiyomi now dedicates her life to helping others in the journey of anxiety. Kiyomi has had the privilege of teaching seminars and workshops in Fortune 500 Companies, schools and behavioral health hospitals. Today, Kiyomi owns an online business for individuals struggling with ROCD where she coaches, educates and runs courses on coping with ROCD and anxious tendencies.

In this episode we talk about all things anxiety, triggers around what we see in the media, how to start developing a relationship with ourselves, and how to use the tools we have within us to calm our anxious thoughts. I so, so enjoyed this conversation and I hope you all do as well.

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Episode 7: Jess Demasi On Best and Worst Types of Exercise for Women

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FRIENDS. THIS EPISODE IS THE BOMB. So excited to bring you my interview with Jess Demasi. Jess is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach Specializing in Functional Endocrinology and Mind/Body Nutrition. She empowers women in their quest to wholeness through healing solutions rooted in Integrative Care. You'll often find her lifting heavy things in the gym, trying to pet stranger's dogs, or writing some sass-filled #hormonehacks on Instagram. She is passionate about helping women heal their hormones, break free of restrictive dieting, and feeling at home in their bodies.

In this episode we dig into all.of.the.stuff. Everything from the best exercises for women (which includes yoga, WALKING, resistance training, and HITT) as well as the worst exercises for women (which includes chronic cardio .. holy mind blown right?!) and the biological impacts these specific exercises have on your body.

We also dig into what it means to be connected to YOUR body, letting go of all of the worth we put into being a specific size, and finding movement that works for YOUR body on a day to day basis.

Get ready for a conversation that is unlike the norm when it comes to exercise and diet culture… it’s good, good stuff ;)

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Episode 6: Recovering Control Freak Pt. 3

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The final episode of my Control Series! Here I discuss the aspect of control that I struggle with on a daily basis - actually learning to deal with feelings of being out of control rather than resorting to the comfortable, unproductive methods of my past. Here I share five ways I have learned to calm my tantrum throwing inner control freak and how adopting those methods has helped me reduce my ‘controlling tendencies’ as well come up with a game plan to reduce my anxiety around my to-do lists.

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Episode 5: Recovering Control Freak Pt. 2

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Since we are on this topic of control I thought I would talk about a situation that occurred this past weekend as well as share my promised mountain lion story for Part 2 of my Control Series.

While we may not have control over the actual situations life presents us with, I’ve learned that  we DO have control over how we respond and react to those situations as well as whether or not we let our fears in life win. Because in the end we have the choice to take a different path.

More information:

Episode 4: Recovering Control Freak Pt 1

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I realized this whole control thing is something I have and continue to really struggle with. There are multiple layers. This episode focuses on what is, in my opinion, the most important part - that we only have control over how we show up to this world.

More information: