Self Care and My Last Weekly Blog Post.. For Now.

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Self Care.

I had a lesson in what this means this past weekend. I am not going to lie.. Things have been a little stressful lately. Between working a full time 9-5 to pay the billz, trying to run and grow the business I am truly passionate about (which requires a lot of vulnerability... Which I love... I just feel emotionally spent sometimes), working another side job to help me afford another certification course, AND trying to enjoy my passions/maintain relationships has left me putting myself on the back burner at times.

Last week I hit my breaking point mentally and emotionally.

Maddy Moon posted a blurb about self care in her story over the weekend (and I highly recommend checking out her stuff.. She is wonderful) which really hit home for me. She talked about how freaken important it is to take care of ourselves. And while I have talked about this before.. I sometimes need a healthy reminder to take my own advice.

So this past weekend, I took that advice and defined what self care looked like for me. I slept a lot, I put away my computer, and I played outside. I also let out some pent up emotions and reevaluated what truly makes me happy on a day to day basis.

I realized my plate is pretty dang full right now, and I gave myself permission to clear that plate a bit. I am going to be making some small changes over the next few months in my business in order to honor myself so that I can ultimately give you all the best of what I have to offer.

Some of these changes include focusing on my podcast rather than releasing a weekly blog post. Doing this podcast LIGHTS ME UP and I don’t get the same feeling writing my blog right now (which is OKAY). So while I have LOVED and so appreciated your support in reading these posts every week, I am going to put them on hold until my plate frees up again. If you enjoy my writing, check out my insta, where I will be posting “mini” blog posts on a daily basis.

Self care doesn’t have to mean that you are a selfish human or that you don’t care about other people. In my opinion, it is so that you can be the best you. Because if you can honor your needs then you can show up fully in your life.. and that feels pretty amazing.

And now I ask you, can you remove some things off of your plate? Are you doing things just because you feel like you “have to?” Can you define your own version of “self care?” How can you honor yourself and your needs today?