Podcasts, Dreams, and Fears.


Okay I have some pretty big news (well it feels like big news to me)


Holy scary. My inner mean voice is going NUTS with things like “who the hell do you think you are? NO one is going to listen to you ramble for 30 minutes each week. What do you even have to say anyways.” And I would consider that the nice version of her…

But you know what.. It might be the new hair cut or it might be me FINALLY listening to my intuition.. But I am TIRED of listening to those fears. I am TIRED of listening to what I “should” be doing or going about the “safe” way.

I am done.

This has been something I have wanted to do from the beginning… even before starting my blog I knew I wanted to podcast. But out of fear, I put it off.

What I have learned this year though is that when you start making baby steps towards the life and dreams you crave, things start happening. When you are open to new possibilities and ANY outcome (not just the good stuff) things start happening. You get that much closer to what you want out of this life (and to knowing what you definitely don’t want). And that is the beauty of taking just one baby step.

Of course things haven’t always gone to plan, but things have worked out and 99% of the time it is for the better. I held myself back from starting my blog, my business, my PODCAST for so many years because my decisions to start never felt “final” or “safe”.. The unpredictableness of it all scared me. But guess what? You are allowed to change your mind. You are allowed to pivot. You are allowed to switch directions. And if something doesn’t work or if you don’t like where you are going.. YOU CAN ALWAYS GO BACK. Which is something that feels way better than asking, “what if..?”


For example, I have already rebranded my blog/website and it has only been live for 7 months.. But if I never started my blog I would still be spinning my wheels on what to call it, how to brand myself AND I never would have started my online business portion. Starting gave me a better direction/plan of where I wanted to go than not starting.

What fears are holding you back???

How are you letting them affect the decisions you are making or not making today?

What would you do today if fear was not a thing?

I have created this workbook that helps you get started in identifying what makes you happy and what kinds of goals/dreams you have, how to prioritize as well as come up with a plan on moving forward.

You are capable of ANYTHING - seriously. All it takes is mindset and starting. You WILL figure it out. Ask questions, get curious, and see what it feels like to not hold back. Amazing things happen when you invest and believe in YOURSELF.. I can promise you that.

Quick plug for my podcast.. Cause you know.. I’m so freaken excited.

I will be doing my best to launch a new episode every week, most likely on Wednesdays or Thursdays (and it looks like they are coming out to be about 30 minutes). It is called “Move With Radiance” and will focus on discussions around discovering your inner truth by redefining the relationship you have with yourself (especially when it comes to exercise addiction, disordered eating, and negative body image).

Right now I am producing solo episodes that dissect old blog posts and the plan is to eventually have interviews as the main content.

A piece of realness for a second: You know when you create something, you tend to be your own worst critic? OH MY GOSH. I have listened to my first episode at least 4-5 times and realized I was picking myself apart.. And guys it’s WEIRD recording it… like I almost have to turn my computer away and pretend I am talking to someone because it just feels like I’m rambling. So something I have been reminding myself and want to share with you is that nothing is good the first time around. Things get better with practice. You try it, you take some notes, YOU BE KIND, and you try again.

That is how we get better with everything in life.

Stay tuned for some more announcements and my official launch THIS WEEK. As always, thank you for being a part of my journey and for letting me be so vulnerable. I wouldn’t be where I am without you all.

I will leave you with this:

“You won’t know until you try.”